Profitability optimization through
operational excellence

the need

Profitability today is an aspect talked about by only top management & finance departments & not by operational teams

At the same time, it remains a critical component of an organization’s business plan & growth and is the primary cause of CxO’s concerns

Today, the connect between operational excellence and profitability is rarely seen in organizations. Neither is the perspective on profitability optimization shared with managers

our perspective

At Prashaste, we believe profitability is the outcome of operational excellence. It is all about effective management of People, Process and customers. We connect the financial outcomes with operational efficiencies/inadequacies and provide solutions to improve profitability.

Our approach

The key operational aspects we cover through our solutions is detailed in our proprietary profitability improvement framework below:

our methodology

Our unique 6 step methodology to optimizing profitability is as follows:

Data Collection

Interactions & Observations

Data Analysis & Gap

Review, Feedback &

Enabling, handholding &

Recommendations &
Action Plan

Our value

our enablers

A few sample enablers leveraged by us to drive profitability are as follows:

Common Size Statements

Grading & Benchmarking

KRAs/ KPIs, Incentives,Reward & recognition

Inventory Management

Receivable Management

Operational connect to profitability