Driving performance outcomes

Our perspective

Performance can be improved only when performance outcomes are tracked in all its dimensions, aspects and parameters and reported adequately, accurately and timely. Profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction should be measured Location wise, outlet wise, customer segment wise, Lime of Business wise, activity wise and employee wise to identify the weak areas and aspects and effectively address the challenges.

“What is measured is monitored, & what is monitored is improved”

our value

our approach


We help you in building scientific business plan, & budgeting and setting monthly and quarterly designation –wise targets and achievement plans.


We design Business Intelligence reports both operational and financial to facilitate generation of 7 dimensional performance dash board & 3 tier Reports.

7 Dimensions – Location| Outlet | Line of Business | Activity | Model | Customer | Employee 3 Tier reporting system– CEO dashboards | Tier- I for senior & middle management | Tier II for junior management & staff including employee scorecards

Analytics &

We enable managers to interpret and analyze data to understand the weak/missing links and initiate corrective action to improve performance outcomes. A review meeting is perhaps the most critical unit of a change for an organization to move from gut/ instinct / feeling based management to data oriented objective business approach.

We help you in standardizing your review systems & their coverage across hierarchies, functions, designation


Our performance analytics including internal benchmarking across key parameters help you visualize and leverage data to form strategies, take business decision, solve problems, foster peer competition and drive performance by rewarding the best & mentoring the weak.


We design comprehensive internal benchmarking templates and facilitate designation wise internal benchmarking to identify the strong, average and weak performers across parameters.

This forms the first step to mentor the weak and initiate the journey to reach industry benchmarks

our solution

Through our Performance management consulting practice, we take co-ownership for driving performance improvement through a strong performance management system.

Some sample models of our performance management solution are provided below:


We design the customized enablers based on your requirement and our assessment

We handhold respective teams to effectively utilize the enablers to drive performance

Post Learning

We conduct workshops for the respective teams during which the implementation plan , methodology and guidelines shall be shared with participants

The workshop is followed by an intervention to ensure effective implementation of all enablers .

Analytics &
Action Plan

Monthly performance outcomes and analytics are shared with us in in the put templates designed by us.

We validate and analyze the data and provide feed back along with stake holder wise action plan for improvement